Zarautz in your memory

A trip back in time, through images and stories of old Zarautz.

Zarautz is a place full of history and memories. Many of them still survive in the recollections of the local inhabitants and the descendents of those who lived during that bygone era.

Help us collect these memories and post them on this website by sending us any photos, archives or accounts you might have regarding How we Used to Live or What Zarautz Used to be Like.

Life Style

School days and long summer evenings. Zarautz has always been a place in which to work, but also a place in which to enjoy life.

Our way of life (in Spanish)

What Zarautz Used to be Like

Zarautz has changed over the years. Many places have changed out of all recognition while others have managed to withstand the ravages of time.

Come and discover what our town used to be like (in Spanish)

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